What’s new in Les Gets

What’s new in Les Gets

We’ve just got back from a long weekend in Les Gets – it was great to see some snow! It’s forecast to stay cold so hopefully we’ll get a good base down before the season kicks off.

Our regulars always ask what’s changed, or what’s new, particularly on the transfer up the mountain. So here’s a few points of the changes that we have either seen or we know are factually correct.

Remember the old Ranfoilly lift that keeps breaking down? Well its gone! Its been replaced by a new 6 seater express chair, super-fast with a journey time less than 5 minutes (used to take more than 6 if it didn’t stop). The best news though is that it goes right up to the same point (1815m), so you still get access to both sides of off piste, and the steep section at the top of Tulip. Don’t forget that at the end of the day the Nauchets lift out of the bowl gets really busy, but you don’t need to use it. You can ski all the way to the village from the top of Ranfoilly or you can ski down to the village from the bottom of the bowl around the back of Nauchets. OK both routes require a small amount of pushing / skating but beats queuing for me. The helicopters were still flying around there this week but we are assured it’s ready to go and will be fully operational from week 1.

Also in the bowl area those horrible public loos have been replaced with a much larger facility – its about time those were upgraded!

The Boomerang has now closed forever and will soon be renovated, probably apartments but we don’t know for sure. Boomers was always a ‘centre point’ of Les Gets, and we’ve certainly had some of our best nights there – we’ll miss it. It’s not all bad news though as JM is re-opening Mamas restaurant in the Chamois D’Or. We expect that the big choice menu, good value and hopefully live music will continue in the new location. We’ll give it a try as soon as it’s open !

The new build / knock down and rebuild seems to go on and on. We were all sad to see Hotel Bel Alp get demolished but the new build in its place is now finished with a new restaurant down stairs. We didn’t get a chance to try it last week but the general opinion is that its good.

Alan and Stacey from the Alba have taken on the Bouch a l’oreil down in St Jean D’Aulps. Alan needed a bigger kitchen. The Alba will still be open – they are keeping that going but we believe more café style than the fine dining of previous years. Will update when we know more.

There was a huge hole dug next to the ice rink during the summer which intrigued us all. Well they appear to have installed a merry go round! Not sure if it is staying for the winter

Finally perhaps the most important news. Sagets appear to have doubled up snow cannons on the main run down to the village – Gentiane. For every static cannon there is a mobile turbine style cannon as well, and they have made a lot of snow! There is clearly a sense of urgency to ‘get it right’ this year. We can see that the whole of the bowl area has been pisted already – seems they are determined to keep the snow this year!

Oh by the way – the lift between Chavannes and Mt Cherie has NOT happened!!!!

See you soon in Les Gets.


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