Planning ski lessons in Les Gets

Planning ski lessons in Les Gets

I have to say that everyone can benefit from quality ski lessons. I have some 30 plus years of skiing including 14 full seasons so I ski OK – but I still enjoy and benefit from good quality tuition. This blog is intended to give holiday makers of all standards some advice on booking lessons.

Kids, first time skiing:

To be honest the general rule for kids is that if they are moving they are learning. By far the most important point is that they have fun. There aren’t that many ‘old school’ French ski instructors left now but a few things to consider:

  • Group lessons are probably better for Kids, they meet people and generally have more fun.
  • The budget schools (ESF, 360) will get the kids skiing and parents get a few hours off
  • You get what you pay for – The English schools tend to be better prepared for English kids, and are definitely quicker off the mark in the mornings. The organisation is slicker so the Kids do less standing around and therefore have a better time.
  • Ski lessons get booked up well in advance! If you are looking for Feb half term I suggest booking almost 1 year early. Good teachers tend to keep their clients so many of their slots are already taken.

Kids that can already ski:

This depends on how well they ski, if they are natural learners, or really need tuition. In most cases simply following an instructor is sufficient. Good instructors will give them enough challenge and ‘exaggerate’ postures and movements so that the kids learn. If the child is nervous, perhaps not so sporty, and actually not desperate to get up the mountain then group is the answer. For all the others there are 3 options:

  • Private lesson with UK instructor. If you are going to pay for private then don’t gamble with the quality – go for a smaller school that depends on its reputation not its price.
  • ‘All mountain’ group. This is as described above – zooming around the mountain with sufficient tips. They will be worn out by the end of it!
  • Race camp. Only really available in school holidays. This takes everything to another level and will be training around gates for a couple of hours every day.


Adult beginners – Sporty and Keen

Group is fun, but remember that the variability within a group of adults is likely to be bigger than a group of kids. Adults meet up in groups and get ‘buddies’ to ski with outside of lessons. There are far fewer adult group lessons available so again well worth booking in advance – an absolute must if you are in school hols.

Adult beginners – nervous and less sporty

Private lesson! We can advise on the most patient instructors. In this case it is the individual teacher that is important not the name of the school. Its difficult to book a particular instructor from a big school so the best advice is to go for a smaller UK organisation


Good luck and happy skiing


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